Research Directions

  • Completion of scientific research and experimental design work on development of hardware and software for consumers’ differential correction and navigation equipment.
  • Object-oriented modeling and development of software and hardware of large-scale 3D-modeling system using satellite navigation technology and laser ranging
  • Development of engineering models of scientific equipment complex for operation of on-board measurements and accumulation of special-purpose scientific information and development of software for its operation
  • Development of scientific and methodological support and software for solving the problems of complex analysis and forecasting of space technology development in Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Development of mathematical software and simulation models of spacecrafts and subsystems
  • Development of experimental models of devices, equipment, components and subsystems of microsatellites
  • Development of scientific and methodological support and normative-technical base for solving the problems of technical regulation
  • Regulation of requirements for development, design, elaboration and operation of space technics, implementation of its safety, assessment and compliance confirmation.