JSC “National Center of Space Research and Technology”

SLLP “Institute of ionosphere”

SLLP “Institute of ionosphere”, JSC “NCSRT” has highly qualified scientific personnel and specialists, which allows to conduct high level basic and applied research in space-ground geodynamic and geophysical monitoring the earth’s crust of Kazakhstan, and also on the basis of the interaction of geospheres (magnetosphere, ionosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere), application of mathematical modeling, modern space and computer technologies.

The institute has a unique research and experimental complex: the radio polygon “Orbit” and the base “Space station”. Radiopoligon “Orbit”, located at an altitude of 2750 m above sea level. A radio telescope for monitoring solar activity, a solar spectrograph operating as part of the international network of spectrographic observations of the Sun e-CALLISTO, numbering 24 points around the globe, as well as equipment for recording the intensity of the glow of the night sky at the heights of the mesosphere are installed on the radio polygon.There is also an ionospheric station, geomagnetic Observatory “Alma-ATA” (the only one in Central Asia), part of the international network of geomagnetic observatories INTERMAGNET and GPS-measurement points. All equipment and devices of the scientific and experimental complex of the Institute of ionosphere are certified in accordance with modern international standards and meet the highest scientific and technical requirements.

Director – Zhumabek Zhantayev Shabdenamovich – doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, academician of  NAEN RK, academician of International science Academy of Eurasia, member-correspondent of  NAS RK, corresponding member of International Academy of Astronautics, laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology named after Al-Farabi.


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