JSC “National Center of Space Research and Technology”

Astrophysical research

The development of scientific and experimental base for astrophysical and space research

  • Research in the following areas: theoretical cosmology, physics and evolution of stars, stellar systems and extragalactic objects, Solar System planets, artificial Earth satellite dynamics and numerical simulations of cosmological and stellar dynamic processes.
  • Kazakhstan’s scientific investigation program of deep space within the framework of the international space project “Spectrum-UV” – “World Space Observatory – Ultraviolet” (“WSO-UV”);
  • Scientific and research work on space control over Kazakhstan, safe operation of Kazakhstan’s spacecrafts, and monitoring of space debris.
  • Modernization of observational experimental stations: “Kamenskoe plato” Observatory (Almaty, 1400 masl), “Assy-Turgen” Observatory (Almaty region, “Ysh Bulak” mountain area, 2750 masl), “Tien Shan” Astronomical Observatory (Almaty region, 2730 masl). Kazakhstan’s biggest telescope with a mirror diameter of 1.5 m was placed for operation in “Assy-Turgen” Observatory. The installation of a new optical telescope with 3.6 m mirror diameter is currently being planned.