JSC “National Center for Space Research and Technology” has received a patent for an innovative technology of radio-transparent and high-strength composite

July 09, 2024 – JSC National Center for Space Research and Technology (NCSRT) is proud to announce the receipt of a patent for the technology of radio-transparent and high-strength composite.

This organoplasty technology, developed by PhD Azira Yermakahnova, PhD Mohammed Meyrbekov, PhD Aidar Kenzhegulov and doctoral student Berdiyar Bayserikov, in cooperation with the Institute of Space Research and Technology LLP, represents a significant breakthrough in the field of protection of antennas, radar and navigation equipment from the effects of climatic conditions.

The technology demonstrates high radio transparency up to 94.3% and excellent dielectric characteristics with ε=2.1 when using combined reinforcement with UHMW PE fabric and epoxy resin. These parameters ensure optimal transmission of radio waves in the 1-6 GHz range, which significantly improves the performance and efficiency of UAVs used for video transmissions.

Research funding was provided within the framework of the grant program of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The receipt of the patent confirms the continuation of scientific developments in the field of composite materials by NCSRT.